Showcase your exceptional products in an exceptional venue such as the VIEWBOX.

Showrooms by Viewbox

Thanks to our modular showrooms, we guarantee that your products will make an incredible impression on your future clients. It is important to choose a venue that is both efficient and adheres to the high-quality standard of your brand. Our showrooms will make sure that your products steal the show.

The Viewbox

The Viewbox is a modular metal structure of 15m2 including ceiling, flooring, walls, doors and lights. It is the perfect solution when you are in need of a modular showroom as it is suitable for all sorts of occasions. Clients from all kinds of industries have used the temporary showroom of Viewbox. For example, vehicle manufacturers displayed their latest cars while other companies used the Viewbox as a modular home showroom to display their furniture.

Advantages of a modular showroom

Many clients have used the Viewbox as a modular showroom. It is a great opportunity to display products and it offers various advantages:
• Efficient: As a prefab showroom, the Viewbox is assembled and dismantled within no time.
• Flexible: Want to use the showroom on different locations? The Viewbox is easily transportable and reusable.
• Sustainable: The Viewbox is made of sustainable materials and is designed to be reused.

Adjusted to your needs

Different projects call for different requirements. That is why at Viewbox we adjust the showroom to all your specific needs. The size can either be increased or decreased and additionally, there is a large range of basic to more high-end options you can add to the Viewbox. Think of terrace units, staircases, flooring, visuals, air conditioning or heating, sanitary and electrical distribution.


Are you interested in the Viewbox or would you like to receive more information about our modular showroom? Get in touch by filling in the contact form. You will hear from us soon!

"It was a great first year for us as the promoter and everything went brilliantly. None of it would have been possible without all your hard work and support in the many months and weeks leading up to the event and during the event itself, so a big thank you! It was a pleasure working with you."

Alter Rob

Championship Management; Porsche European Open Hamburg

"Our VIEWBOX structures made the Agence double 2 (AMC client) shine during the 2019 Heavent Awards, the Paris Motor Show 120 years parade and the Place de la Concorde Test Center: Outstanding Event Award."

Fugu Structures